The Arrowhead Club raises thousands of dollars annually which is used to "Promote Youth Athletics in the Greater Stanislaus Area". Those monies have been used to purchase equipment for a variety of sporting activities.

Arrowhead Field
In 2004, the Arrowhead Club funded the construction of the Arrowhead Softball Field. Located at the Turlock Regional Sports Complex (Map) behind Pitman High School in Turlock, California. Funding also included a backstop, a scoreboard and covered bleachers. Completed in 2006 it is another example of the Arrowhead Club’s generous donations to the community for youth athletics.

School Funding

Every year in September, the Arrowhead Club holds an annual information meeting and requires all groups to attend if they wish to apply for funding during the current school year. Three times a year, funds providing, the Arrowhead Club distributes a minimum of $10,000 per funding period, to support youth athletics in the "Greater Stanislaus Area".

In order to apply for funds, you or a representative of your group must attend this annual meeting held in September. Applications for funding are available at that time. How to apply for funds and what the Club will fund is also discussed at that meeting. When applying for funds, you are asked to submit documentation from any alternate funding sources in the form of a financial record, i.e., from a booster club, a statement from an A. D., as to the funding for that sport and provide a supplemental sports budget. The statement should show funding for the year.

We also discuss the expectations for those that receive funding. There is a sign-in sheet at the meeting, if you intend to apply for funding, your name must be on that sheet. A representative for each sport must attend the meeting, not one representative per school. For example, if you are applying for Basketball, Baseball and Track monies, you must have a representative from each sport attending (3 coaches). Only those that attend and sign in at this meeting will be allowed to apply for funds during the current school year.

Applications must be for programs supported through schools, a local City Agency or Youth Athletics supported by the Community in the Greater Stanislaus Area (photocopies acceptable). First preferences will go to capital projects. Funding should be for a one-time need, not a project that needs continual financial support by an outside agency. Example: Uniforms for a new athletic team would have priority over a team that is already active. Also important is the scope of the request as far as how many people will benefit by the project funding. An advisory committee will review your application and notification of acceptance or denial will follow by mail after the Arrowhead Board has finalized their decisions.  

The next application period for funding will be September 17, 2019 for the school year 2019-20.  A meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 17th at Toscana’s Restaurant, 1801 Colorado Ave, Turlock, CA.  This is a mandatory meeting that you must attend in order to apply for funding during the 2019-20 school year.  You must attend or send a representative in your place, there are no exceptions. If you do not sign in at the meeting you will not be allowed to apply for funding during the 2019-20 school year.